To Secure your Economic Future ™

Our Focus


Our Focus

When People enter a nursing home, they can lose all their money. We can prevent that from happening.


Secure your economic future

For the senior citizen facing nursing home expenses, there is the tragic prospect of losing everything.  We secure a client’s economic future by mapping out an estate plan with several options.

All our legal work is in strict accordance with federal and state regulations.  In this way, we have no difficulty when time comes for the government to take over the payment of nursing home expenses.

We also concentrate in taxation planning. We can tailor a plan to maximize tax savings in income taxes, capital gains taxes, and inheritance taxes. We routinely prepare trust returns and personal income tax returns.

Each client is an individual and worthy of individual planning, not a “boiler plate” approach. Elderlaw Associates is the oldest firm in Pennsylvania dedicated exclusively to the needs of the elderly.

The lightness of our clients’ shoulders as they leave our office, free from the problems and decisions that have been worrying them, exemplifies our goal as Elder law attorneys.